Club Champs Final

Congratulations yet again to Roddy who deservedly takes the club championship for 2022.
This result given the new “V” boats and future “POP” boats will hopefully be challenging, with closer results next year.
Today the last of 3 events in the Club Champs had light winds from the SW giving those sailors who like the light airs a chance to show their skills.
With flags flying on the shed, results board for those who were interested in 2nd , 3rd, 4th plus RO Carl setting some interesting course layouts and a great turnout of 15 boats, finished the Champs series on a high note
The club representation at the Waikato event l;ats week end started with FOG and finished with 4 knots on Sunday had Roddy 6th, Neil 16th  John Robb 25 and 1st old boat and Barry 26 with 1st for a woodie.
A reminder that our Northland Champs are 17-19 September and we would be grateful of assistance in making this national event a showcase
Two results below are today’s event and the cumulative 3 events for the champs
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Early there was a little nervousness at the thought of holding our boats with aluminum masts skyward and attracting a wayward thunderbolt.   A great day and good turnout given the weather, thunder, lightening, rain, sun, wind and quiet periods and some white caps .”A” rig to “B” rig to “A” and back again had RO Carl busy calling boats to water.

Roddy almost had a perfect day even though he got into trouble occasionally, but dug himself out showing us that he is in form for the Waikato Champs next week end . We wish him well and three other Keri Sailors John Robb, Neil and Barry.

Doug and John Beech will not be sailing on Saturday minus the 4 in Hamilton will leave a small number for next week end .

If any of you remaining wish to sail please contact Barry 0275270143 to collect a key for the shed.



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Club Champs 29 May

Team Kerikeri results for first round of heats of eight races of our club championships of the best 16 from 24 races.
For those who missed out today there are two more Sunday race days for the next two series of 8 heats, so get on down and put pressure on the blue boats.
Gusts of 15-20 mixed with nulls followed by a sudden short 30 degree wind change and many rivers of wind provided opportunities for passing.
Not only passing but B rig nose dives, crash tacks and crash jibes to give right of way to the other boats. Whilst hectic at times sailing was well conducted and very few penalties were hailed for.
Just loved racing today, all the different colours, not yachts but the different varieties of weather gear .
Jacket zipped up and water still dripping down my neck. bliss in the knowledge that a hot spa waits me at home.
During racing you will have noticed that Glenn got paged for volunteer fire brigade duties and in light of this the Commodore rules that he receive R/O redress of 5 points for each race he missed.
Until next fortnight Sunday round two racing, keep safe and dry
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Club Racing 15-5-22

Sunday morning and what a great sight, waves on the lake meaning good wind from the west
13 boats enjoying steady top of the “A” rig range switching to “B” later in the day then back to “A”
Race one involved two boats at the first leward mark gate rounding that was later resolved. For those who are interested the rule in question is Rule 18 Mark-Room specifically 18.2 which states that
“when boats are overlapped the outside boat shall give the inside boat mark-room”
Neil with his new “D7” a hybrid of his previous designs proved to be the skipper of the day, whilst others had mishaps all day long.
Alan Yardley seems to be getting to grips with his “25” and posted steady results.
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Firstly a welcome to Alan Hayes with his Lazer yacht which he competed well given the first time with our fickle winds we all know how hard it can be from the NE at 5 knots
Second is a very happy smiley faced John Beech with his new V11 just showing that with the right gear we can challenge Roddy. For those not present it is bright RED so bring your sunnies.
Well sailed John and we all look forward to some stunning racing from you. Doug I believe has started filling his piggy bank.
Third …..  Bryan 402 got the Commodores sailor of the day . Keep out of trouble and these results will keep coming

Remember if you foul another yacht you need to do a 360 and restart behind the boat you fouled.
When calling a boat for your starboard rights call the Yacht sail “number” THEN “starboard”.

See you all Saturday .

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Sunday 17 Apr Results

A good turn out for Easter Sunday with winds starting off for “A” rig then building for “B” rig for the last 5 races
We welcomed visitor Richard McNeily who haled from Tauranga and soon to be resident in the Far North. Watch out guys he sails as good as Carl.
After 3 races all sailors switched to B rig with the exception of Roddy where he showed his skill in keeping “Baby Blue” upright most of the time and took out first place
The last race Roddy switched to B Rig to give us other guys a fair chance. ( see results)
The 3 lap short course was set by Carl with a challenging biased start line , close to shore sandbanks (caught a few out) , top mark only meters from shallow shore and with the unpredictable  rivers of wind there were chances for everyone .
I feel that our few blind sailors were happy with this layout change meaning they could compete better at the marks and also see their errors more clearly meaning that all penalties were completed with good grace and made for a great event.
The highlight of the day was when Carl set the course to traverse the island. Blind sailing around the back, only 2 made it around . Congratulation to Glen for first home closely followed by Doug who I believe actually sailed the furthest.
All other entrants had to be rescued by Carl and in particular Roddy who beached a total of five time after being set free. Carl returned from rescues with a wide smile and drenched from retrieving Roddys tiller happy boat.
Thank you Carl .
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Club racing 20/2/22

Lake Manuwai Sailing today
Lucky for us Doug missed the first few races and the wind was from the NE and variable .Very variable
Glen showed that he was wise to the subtle changes and with much grunting about unfavorable shifts showed even an old boat is good enough to deal to us
Congratulations to Brian 402 for a great race win and old man Billy still has a trick up his sleeve.
Now John Beech has new sails we thought we would be out classed but he spent most of the time stretching them to the rigging. Next week
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Kerikeri Radio Yacht Squadron – AGM 2021

The AGM for our club has been delayed due to uncertain Covid Levels.

The committee has decided that we will convene at the Lake Manuwai boat shed after sailing on Sunday the 28 November 2021
Barry Agar
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Northland IOM Champs Cancelled

The Kerikeri Radio Yacht Squadron committee met today and have decided that with the current unknown status of lockdowns, the limits on booking venues and holiday accomodation and  that we have postponed for as long as practicable the unavoidable but predictable has come.
The Northland Regatta at Lake Manuwai scheduled for 6-7 November has been cancelled.
Thank you to all our collegues who have hung in there in support of this event in the hope that we could cobble someting out of these interesting times.
We as a club will continue to find vacant slots in the sailing calendar and if lucky we could hold our event sometime in the short future .
So that we can refund your entry fees please resond to :
Please enter your name and bank account details and sail number for cross reference
Doug Kane    : Commodore
Barry Agar     : Treasurer/Secretary
Neil Deverall  : Committee/ Web
Keep Safe
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level 4 lock-down

Due to level 4 lock-down sailing will commence again after we are given the ok

So there is a good reason to rig your boat up in the lounge and check all sheets, threads, sails, battery connections, corrosion on receiver terminals, keel bolt , tiller connections.
Ah and don’t forget the spit and polish
Then you check B rig and C rig.
When done you have deserved a beer.
Keep safe and look forward to a short lockdown


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