Club Champs 29 May

Team Kerikeri results for first round of heats of eight races of our club championships of the best 16 from 24 races.
For those who missed out today there are two more Sunday race days for the next two series of 8 heats, so get on down and put pressure on the blue boats.
Gusts of 15-20 mixed with nulls followed by a sudden short 30 degree wind change and many rivers of wind provided opportunities for passing.
Not only passing but B rig nose dives, crash tacks and crash jibes to give right of way to the other boats. Whilst hectic at times sailing was well conducted and very few penalties were hailed for.
Just loved racing today, all the different colours, not yachts but the different varieties of weather gear .
Jacket zipped up and water still dripping down my neck. bliss in the knowledge that a hot spa waits me at home.
During racing you will have noticed that Glenn got paged for volunteer fire brigade duties and in light of this the Commodore rules that he receive R/O redress of 5 points for each race he missed.
Until next fortnight Sunday round two racing, keep safe and dry
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