Firstly a welcome to Alan Hayes with his Lazer yacht which he competed well given the first time with our fickle winds we all know how hard it can be from the NE at 5 knots
Second is a very happy smiley faced John Beech with his new V11 just showing that with the right gear we can challenge Roddy. For those not present it is bright RED so bring your sunnies.
Well sailed John and we all look forward to some stunning racing from you. Doug I believe has started filling his piggy bank.
Third …..  Bryan 402 got the Commodores sailor of the day . Keep out of trouble and these results will keep coming

Remember if you foul another yacht you need to do a 360 and restart behind the boat you fouled.
When calling a boat for your starboard rights call the Yacht sail “number” THEN “starboard”.

See you all Saturday .

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